Tasteful, couple owned, homemade style coziness with a Blade Runner-esk view.

With only a few steps into a side street of the extremely busy Shinsaibashi, this one floor up establishment offers a daily menu from 9 to 5, for the adamant city shopper, that requires a zen type of exhale.

Interior of ATL cafe

I can’t stress enough on that the staff, the ambiance and the food are in an experiential harmony.

In a calm and relaxed setting, I was allowed to breathe in the 2 choice variation daily set 3-course menu.

Curiously enough, in my now newly assimilated Japanese infused manners, I did not go crazy and order 2 of each. Instead, I reserved myself to what was offered for one person according to the menu.

A freshly made drink was served while I was waiting for my food that was made on the spot behind the open to view kitchen counter. A small, worthwhile wait, to indulge in something that set me in peace mode.

Punctuating this 3-course heaven with a nice coffee and another 50 minutes to just re-focus for more shopping mayhem, was just the right amount of time and food that was needed for more walking. It seemed like the other visitors to this 16 seater place, were in a similar time and mental space as I was.

If you are looking for an experience of harmony, this place might offer it.



Address: 542-0085 Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 2 Chome−1−24

City: Osaka

Country: Japan