Apparently, I have a thing for original burgers.

This, a little bit tricky-to-find place offers fast food in a nice wrapping. With an only entrance from the inside of a courtyard, my small frustrations with google maps were turned into a smile.

Opening every day at noon and closing at 10 p.m, it seems like it is a place that attracts city center lunch goers and late dinner vegan burger enthusiasts.

For a burger menu, I would not put it in the fast food category as both the patties and bread seem to be made either on location from fresh ingredients or custom made for this diner. A proof of this is the enticing patty description that encompasses from quinoa, beetroot, peanuts and a whole lot more, that will make you think healthy stuff.

So, just to be sure, and after having a looksy at the size of other customer’s burgers, who ate in, I ordered 2 different ones with veggie sides and what Vegana are claiming is the best vegan chocolate brownie ever.

As some patties and buns were unavailable at the late hour I visited, the great staff was happy to recombine my burgers into off-the-menu creations and offer me inclusive drinks of no charge. As I have had half a days city treck in my legs, only running on water, I succumbed to the flavor laden hypnotic sales pitch and settled for whatever came my way, for my take away.

Sitting down in one of the 14 seats, that are housed inside this burger joint, the friendly manager on duty kept my mind occupied with a conversation that did not make those hungry 20 minutes last as long as they can take while you wait for your food to be handed to you.

Finally back in my apartment, after an uphill battle, in Lisbon night temperatures, I devoured my scorings without noticing how fast I did it and leaving my mindfulness to their acclaimed chocolate brownie. Yummy indeed!

This is definitely a burger joint for the vegan burger lover with a longing for originality, texture and a multitude of flavors in one bite.



Address: 30, Praça Dom Luís i, 1200-152

City: Lisbon

Country: Portugal