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4 pieces of hashed pure dark chocolate bars

Drugs Getting Chocolate On High

Chocolate what?! What the fuck?! Drugs getting chocolate on high?! How many times did you end up reading the title of this...
a background of a rorschach pattern made up of branches that create a goathead and in the foreground the text a tale of forest Kalinath

Kālināth Charms You Through A Tale Of Forest Psy

Kālināth brings you a curated playlist that will take you on a journey into the depths of forest psy music. Join her on Spotify to enjoy this fully.
Track art for Gardener's track hypothecarion on the WF420 sublabel ALT CTRL

Hypothecarion – Introducing Gardener On ALT CTRL

Introducing Gardener and his proggy full-on psy track Hypothecarion Spotify låt länk on the WF420 sub-label ALT CTRL. Not...
Black and red monochrome chest and up picture of a devil like man with horns

Aghorrkriya – DJ Set Reporting By His 51st Day Of Cribbin

Reporting out of Kathmandu, Aghorrkriya from Psytanik Behavior is delivering a 1 hour DJ set straight from the shadowy psy-underground.
waiitng for 420 dot com logo on a blue sunny sky with a partially clouded sun

WAITING FOR 420 – Who Are We!?

We are a storyteller. We exist through realizing that it is possible to create something like Waiting For 420 is like realizing...
dried green herb on brown wicker tray

A Way To Spot Genuine Mary J Products

Genuine CBD products may be rarer than we believe. In most countries that allow CBD products commercially, there are also laws that...
Track art for the track Synchronic Symbiotes by God Particle on the label WF420 Schwarzwald, depicting a fluorescent DNA double helix

Synchronic Symbiotes – POWER ALERT From God Particle

Synchronic Symbiotes – God Particle. The April 2020 WF420 Schwarzwald Release. He keeps lining them up. Synchronic Symbiotes is...
Track art for the track Amber by Zen'Oul on the label WF420 ALT CTRL

Amber – The Debute Track From Zen’Oul

Amber – Zen'Oul. The Latest WF420 – ALT CTRL Release. We are proud to introduce Zen’oul with his hypnotically...
Contour florescent psilocybin mushrooms in a dark landscape

Psilocin Dawn – More Madness From God Particle

Psilocin Dawn – God Particle. The New WF420 – ALT CTRL Release. He's back, and God Particle is dropping...
Pinkish orange smoothie in a latte glass with a wooden swizzle stick in it. In the foreground the text global vegan urbanista El Veganista.

El Veganista – An Urban Vegan Takes it Global

El Veganista is the vegan urbanista with a taste for travel. A mouthful of everything vegan, where culinary desires meet authenticity doubts,...
A four armed neon fluorescent Hindu goddess called Kali is holding a sword, a severed head and a dripping bowl

Kali Mandala – Solo Debut Dark Prog by Kalinath

Kali Mandala – Kalinath. The New WF420 – ALT CTRL Release. Its time for Kalinath. Kali Mandala is her...
A beach with people and an oversized inflated head that makes the whole picture seem surreal.

A Quick Introduction Of 420

The pounding news stream center of waitingfor420.com. A convergence of unsung opinions and the alternative mainstream. No left nor...
Profile view of synth with wooden side details.

How Is Live Electronic Music Performed?

Have you ever wondered how live electronic music is performed? Here is a short video of a nice electronic music jamming by...
A sheep staring into the camera.

No One Is A Perfect Vegan

Via Kaley, Authentically Vegan Kaley of Authentically Vegan argues that being a perfect vegan does not exist to...
Track art for Time Dilation by God Particle and Kalinath. A cartonish double fractal spiral.

Time Dilation – God Particle Vs Kalinath

Time Dilation - God Particle Vs Kalinath. The New WF420 - Schwarzwald Release. https://soundcloud.com/waitingfor420/time-dilation-god-particle-feat-kalinath-demo
A drawn red lion like face on black background in the shape of Africa

With No DJ Skills Comes A Legendary Mixtape By Zzzzra!

Undeniably, Prince Zra Jah - Mixtape is probably the best mixtape since I played a Lionel Ritchie compilation in a 1978 Nissan...
Person putting on free weight plates on a free weight bar

Ineffective Parenting And Low Self-Control Determine Athletes’ PED Use

According to a study titled Examining the Effect of Ineffective Parenting and Low Self-Control on Athletes’ PED Use. Authors S. Kabiri and...
Keyboard that resembles an old Vic-64 computer

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Via Melinda Wyers The discussion about what is the ultimate hacking keyboard, is something that has surely omitted the...
Freshly baked owen plate with vegan brownies

Dark Chocolate And Peanut Butter Brownie (Vegan/Gluten-Free)

Tassy from tassybakes, brings this (not in cover picture) vegan & gluten-free, full of guilt and super-tasty recipe for dark chocolate and...
Girl with body paint at Modem festival

The Art And People Of MO:DEM Festival

The 2019 summer festival season is getting closer and closer. Artful people such as photographer Bikramjeet Singh, commonly known as Vic, and...
Tray with CBD served and ready for consumpsion

The Benefits and Use of CBD Oil

Robin of Haphazard Homemaker has her take on the use and benefits of CBD Oil. She explores the...
Book cover of Box Browns Canabis the Illegalization of weed in america

Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America by Box Brown

Californian teacher reviews Box Brown's Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America. “Told in his signature style, Box Brown’s...
Government building that decide cannabis policies

6 Lessons To Guide Government Cannabis Policies

6 lessons to guide government cannabis policies were identified in a 2018 study, that was published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol...
Cover from YEMs soundcloud mix

YEM Delivers Once Again!

 Perhaps even better than Haze the last post, A first class body-melting digital mysticism, we recommended from this magician YEM, who compiled and mixed this awesome...
Weed in a jar in a laboratory environment

Is Weed Beneficial For Athletes?

Whether weed is beneficial or not for athletes are concepts that have been opinions rather than facts for far too long. General opinion of...
People sitting and enjoying the sunlight

Why Is Sunlight So Important

From cultural stigma and public health scares to minimum daily recommendations. Who can be sure of what is the right amount of sunlight we...
Exterior sign of the vegan restaurant Krowarzywa

Krowarzywa – Long live the cow

Burgers, burgers, gyros, wraps, salads, smoothies, hot dogs and burgers. And it’s all vegan. Because just like the name implies of this 11 spots...
A older gray bearded man sleeping during daytime

Why Is Sleep So Important

Most of us know very well the importance of sleep. You look more fresh during the day. Your attention, good mood, and productivity also...
Glas of water

Drinking Water – When, How Much And Why?

What’s so good about water? Whether it is about coping with the heat on a hot summer day, keeping yourself hydrated during class or going...
Wrist watch on a person that is ready for 420

Biofeedback As Meditation For People On The Go

Where many people fail with meditation in terms of being consistent in their practice or even quit it all together for reasons such as...
Person hands. Writing a 420 article on a old typewriter

Writers Needed! WaitingFor420 Wants You!

Do you have a talent for spraying out those awesome sentences on to a screen or paper? Maybe you would like to take your...
An apple on four books next to five crayons and 3 A B C blocks that are stacked on top of each other

A Waiting For 420 Take On Longevity

People used to get their shoes repaired and the teacher position used to be so much more respected. What if, instead of a decline...
Meditateing Buddha stutue in garden

5 Reasons To Meditate Like Buddha

Some people swear by meditation and do it daily, others were not able to meditate for even five minutes. Here a 5 science supported...
Winter landscape with leafless trees next to a pond. Text says Filburt Kaminknacksen

DJ FILBURT – Dropping A Downbeat Set For Y’all

Coming out of Leipzig, Germany, DJ FILBURT , has appeared at the super groovy 3000Grad Festival. This downbeat set by DJ FILBURT is...
Hemp in lab environment with plants plantet in glas containers

How Can Hemp Help In Space

To grow hemp in space might be the next step in the history of hemp and it might even help us to stay healthy. Lexington,...
Female Techno DJ Sama from Ramallah standing behind the DJ decks on a dark stage.

SAMA’ سماء The ______ Of Ramallah Techno

Sama Abdulhadi, formerly known as SkyWalker, can be dubbed a lot of positives, firsts, and superlatives, that would go well into the...
Newly baked brownies 420 style

Brownie Recipe For Space Baking

Imagine you are in space and you are just craving brownies. You have all the ingredients including spices and herbs. But you do not...
Alchemy circle dancefloor with 420 spirit

Mind-altering vibes from Grub

 In a previous WF420 post named Grub playing to Tas Visuals at Alchemy Circle, a short video was shared of how it looked like...
Coconut oil infussed with cannabisvideo

How To Make Your Own Herb Infused Oil

Ever wondered how all those herbal-infused home remedies and cooking oils are made. If you are planning to make your 420 culinary experience a...
Hand holding led lights. Ocean in the sunset background.

More THC With Energy Efficient LED

A recently published 2018 study, originating out of Finland, shows that the choice of light may affect the THC concentration in Cannabis plants. The...


Apparently, I have a thing for original burgers. This, a little bit tricky-to-find place offers fast food in a nice wrapping. With an only entrance...
Soundcloud thumpnail of a mix by YEM

A First Class Body-Melting Digital Mysticism

Compiled and mixed by YEM, but posted by LDS ROOM. This journey of a digital mystic’s mind ,will melt your body away during a...
Entrance to the vegan ALT cafe

Organic & Vegetarian Cafe Atl

Tasteful, couple owned, homemade style coziness with a Blade Runner-esk view. With only a few steps into a side street of the extremely busy Shinsaibashi,...
Vegan Meal from Lord of the Fries. Hotdogs, nuggets, smoothie, burgers and fries

Lord Of The Fries

The name of the place is not hiding what you might expect from this eatery. FAST FOOD! Smackdown on one of the more busy streets...
Exterior of the vegan restaurant Burgery Weganskie

Burgery Weganskie

Let me state straight from the beginning… Taste-bang-for-buck is huge and so are the burgers and fries. Because there is a wide choice of...