Let me state straight from the beginning… Taste-bang-for-buck is huge and so are the burgers and fries. Because there is a wide choice of buns, patties and sauces, I had to order 3 different ones to satisfy my hunger and the appetite that was building up from all the nice aroma rising from behind the counter.

The place itself is nice, student casual and cozy and houses around 6 indoor tables. Both takeaway and sit-in dining is possible.

Having that stated, my bravery got sucker-punched once I was handed the bag with my takeaway that weighed a lot more than I expected. Finally, in my hotel room, I inspected the content and the weight was backed up by volume.

Interior of Burgery Weganskie

Like I mentioned, taste wise it was such a bliss for me as a vegan to eat burgers that deliver both texture and flavor. I actually ate until it hurt and had to stop for the night to get some sleep.

Even after having taken the burger leftovers out from the minibar fridge they were feastly edible.

Food from Burgery Weganskie with Waiting for 420 logo in the background

This is definitely the best vegan burgers I have ever had and I will definitely come back if I have such an opportunity.

As a plus, they also have daily fresh vegan cakes and sweets ranging from raw gluten-free to very, very, very naughty.


Address: Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich 1, 00-654

City: Warsaw

Country: Poland