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WAITING FOR 420 – A Ganga Jahmuna of mindsets

Realizing that it is possible to create something like waitingfor420.com is like realizing at the age of 3, that it is possible to blow saliva bubbles. So just like that fact of life, we see this endeavor of ours as something creative, fun, constructive, and exploratory.

For us who are Waiting For 420, to indulge in our dear sacrament as often as daily or may it be once a week. This piece of technology can offer an escape in the meantime away from the daily grind, to get inspired or just to get entertained to fill that void with awe, giggles, and fascination.

Our mission is to bring forward and sustain a digital platform that embodies the soul of today’s 420 culture by bringing together a wide range of artistic, scientific, technological, and media aspects of society. Spanning the scope of subjects that relate to issues of wellness or complete decadence.

The Waiting For 420 vision is to be a part of an ever-growing sphere of minds that do not create or subscribe to normal media consumption. Mostly these creators or consumers don’t have their entire lives dictated by fringe opinions, but just like anything else in their existence, it is only one part o a greater whole that touches upon one part of their lives.

We have chosen to display these parts of life in various ways, both through original and curated content. introduced in the form of:

420 – The pounding news stream center of waitingfor420.com

SBWxS – Science-based wellness strategies in regards to workouts, mental performance, nutrition, and equipment.

WF420 – Our in-house all digital music label, podcast, and booking agency, which is always on the outlook for new creative talent as well as established seasoned ones.

El Veganista – The stories of a vegan global urbanista.

This is who we are. A collective of minds and ideas, where streams of thought of normalization run together in one place into a flood of acceptance.

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