The name of the place is not hiding what you might expect from this eatery. FAST FOOD!

Smackdown on one of the more busy streets of downtown Perth, this no-seater hole in the wall, all vegan fast-food chain delivers to the late-night muncher.

Open all week and  all the way from 9 a.m to 3 a.m on Saturdays, it will fulfill your after party non-raw, gluten-filled, high sugar, high salt and fat desires to the max.

Meal from Lord of the Fries. Burgers, fries, hotdogs and shake

Their menu and very knowledgeable and friendly staff, offers, in terms of burger patties and fries, what any other fast food franchise does. Yes, you name it, ”Fish”, ”Beef”, ”Sausages”, ”chicken” and more. On top of that, the staff lures you even deeper into sinning by suggesting smoothies based on vegan varieties of more well-known cookies, twinkles and chocolate bars.

… and you guessed right, I went bananas, ordering two different fries, two burgers, extra aioli, and a smoothie.

Meal from Lord of the Fries. Burger and fries

Back in my room even after a 15 minute power walk in semi chilling night temperatures. To my surprise, I could find both types of fries still being warm and ready to be enjoyed.

Even though I had 2 or their burgers I did not feel completely satiated. However, the sought after punctuation came and those doubts were erased once I slurped down the second half of that cookie smoothie.

Summary – Tasty FAST FOOD.


Address: 110 William St, Perth WA 6000

City: Perth

Country: Australia