Am I the only one who overeats when it is tasty? Well, guilty again, as I sit in to dine in this place of deliciously crafted starters, made by locally sourced produce accompanied by an amazing scenery. This one surely falls into the category of a must visit.

Located right on the beach, this hotel restaurant hides a gem of a whole vegan/vegetarian section on their menu. Offering this wide selection all day every day from morning till 11 in the evening.

Mostly visited by the hotel guest, I would really recommend the management to boast loudly about this fine vegan selection offered here, which include a selection of 3 starters, 2 soups, 7 main courses and 2 deserts of which one is all vegan homemade ice cream with crispily fried banana.

As time was on my side, I initially ordered a fresh fruit drink, followed by a soup and 2 different starter salads. Well, I was anything but hunger brave that day, however, that order is more than enough to make anyone content. My hypothesis behind the level of satiation is organic produce and well-balanced seasoning. Spot on to say the least.

…but this incredible delivery opened up my curiosity as well as some glutenous pockets of appetite still available for more, more, more. So I called for the warm smiling staff, who were swiftly working in a relaxed manner, around the 50 plus seats that are available here and ordered a red rice based 5 set curry. Well, that shut me on all levels.

The setting for my delicious multi-course, well-portioned meal could not have been better. A setting sun in a no walls, next to the beach, smooth lounge-music laden hotel restaurant. Aaaaaaaaaaah, exhale with a sense of content.



Jetwing Sea Hotel Restaurant

Address: 100/11 Porutota Rd, 11540

City: Negombo

Country: Sri Lanka