The 2019 summer festival season is getting closer and closer. Artful people such as photographer Bikramjeet Singh, commonly known as Vic, and his study subjects of Mo:Dem Festival 2018 will tell you an inspiring story of individualism and freedom to put in your backpack.

In the Northern hemisphere the spring of 2019 is upon us and so is this years festival season. Like any other summer, on one hand, you’ll have the generic brand-exploited, sponsor-money showered festivals that deliver a standardized PG-13 package with a city skyline backdrop.

In contrast, on the other hand, you’ll also have highly individualistic, fringy, subculture festivals, which are operating on a fraction of a budget of the aforementioned ones. Nevertheless, these are manifold in creativity and evolution from one edition to the next.

On top of that, the people behind these underground-like events, often take extra care in selecting scenically picturesque nature locations for the festivals to be held at.

One such festival that fits the latter description is the annual Mo:Dem Festival. Held in the Mediterranean country of Croatia. Situated in a fairytale-like woodland, that is if anything, what can be mistaken for a rain forest from a Star Wars movie. This festival is surely one of its kind in choices of location, props, art, and visitors – the so-called modem heads.

As a matter of fact, this view is supported by the organizers themselves, as they express…

“We believe that we are blessed with opportunity to use one of the most beautiful festival locations on the planet, an area of outstanding natural beauty. We feel strongly about both our beautiful location and the environment. One of our top priorities is to maintain and return it to it’s pristine condition, so we and everyone who comes to Mo:Dem Festival, can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.”

Some Cool WF420 Tracks

Moreover, and equally important to the care for the natural setting that this festival takes place in, is the care and consideration for its visitors. What is referred to here is PsyCare, undeniably, one of the festival’s more important features.

“PsyCare is a service dedicated to people undergoing difficult drug-related experiences at festivals and music events.

This idea was born from KosmiCare, a harm reduction program created by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Kosmicare UK was born in 2009. as an independent organization branched out from KosmiCare at Boom Festival, which set the standards for responsible psychedelic support service.”

Hence, with all of the above thoughts considered, to illustrate further what results such commitments have yielded. The following pictures from Mo:Dem will give you the reader a taste and view of the setting, the spirit of the people and their artful creativity.

It is with those respects, the pleasure of to let Vic’s photography speak more than a thousand words. Through these captured moments, of what went down at Mo:Dem Festival 2018, it is our hopes that more of these islands of peaceful gatherings crop up in the future.


Looking down at the Modem tribe from a hill

An amazingly chilling river and daytime hangout away from the dance floor. A must for many visitors when creating their summer festival itinerary, during the dark and cold winter months.
Wonderful Modem Festival surroundings lake and forrest

closer look of the river during a late afternoon. Quietly empty. Someone extraordinary must have wreaked havoc at one of the dance floors.
Girl dancing at Modem festival

The people! There is movement and life indeed. The dance floors will convince you of that. After twelve hours of danceful soil-surfing that walking stick surely does come in handy.
Girl puttin on body paint on another girl at Modem Festival

For unicorns, more makeup is better.
Modem festival participants sitting and enjoying them selfs next to an obelix

Not only the Romans raised obelisks. Freedom loving psy-heads have also adopted this iconic architecture. Perhaps for other reasons than daytime timekeeping.
The Modem tribe at a lake next to a dance floor

Dance floor mid-day break equals water and sun regeneration at Mo:Dem.
Tribal affair at Modem fesival

Smiles and courtesies, the ideal value-measure of a festival. Surely something to keep in mind once you head back to civilization.
Girl smiling at Modem fesival

Shoulders back. Chin up. Enjoy your company by looking at them while talking. The rest will flow as a powerful mandala woven from the threads of life.
Man sitting on slackline at Modem festival
Stack of stones at Modem festival

The balance in nature is a beautiful and awe-inspiring feature. Human imitations, albeit so skillful, are still imitations with limitations. Never forget you are perfect nature.
Two girls dressed up for party at Modem fesival

Ready for some buzzing dance mayhem at the Hive. Smilingly in dance burn the past off. Make space for you and a new solar cycle.
Girl with body paint at Modem festival

Ready for some buzzing dance mayhem at the Hive. Smilingly in dance burn the past off. Make space for you and a new solar cycle.

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