Beat wizardry and hip hop, this is mostly what Converging Sounds are about. For most, that genre is not associated with electronic music. However, a closer look at the production techniques discloses more similarities than differences between hip hop and what electronic music is usually referred to. So what are these similarities? This is what  Converging Sounds will give us a crash course in. Teaching us what makes most modern forms of music production into electronic music.

Beat Wizards Converging Sounds Say

Electronic music is often composed via recordings picked up by microphones or through oscillations generating waveforms (sin wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave, etc). Complex digital algorithms allow us to process these recorded or generated sounds and play them back via a digital platform known as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The era of technological advancements have reinforced the quality and creativity of these DAW’s so as to meet the requirements of the musician using it.

These electronic styles of music have progressively diversified over the past 30  years. This has paved the way for musicians to digitally create their sounds without the use of musical instruments. Using digital sounds as instruments enables musicians to deliver a unique experience to their

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And Then We The Student Say

This uniqueness is what enables today’s electronic music producers to work with genres as varied as hip hop and techno. Albeit, different in origin and execution, they can be churned out from the same bank of sounds and from the same DAW. I guess how the beats fall into place will make the difference.

That’s surely interesting and a bit of info to unpack. To continue reading what else Converging Sounds have to say about this matter then head over to their article “The Evolution of Electronic Music”. As a matter of fact, not only will you find cool articles there, but they are also offering dope beats for sale to elevate your game electronic music production game.

In order to make matters easier for you, we have picked our favorite genre to highlight their skills. So check out the youtube link below that showcases their hip-hop low beat offerings. In any case, whatever sub-genre you choose, you best believe they know how to deliver quality. However, don’t take our word for it. Instead, lay your trust in their skills.

Converging Sounds is an audio production team and record label that provides an array of audio solutions ranging from Beats MakingRadio production, In-store radioMusic Production
MixingMasteringJingles, and Post Production.

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