Often it is mentioned that vaping your marijuana is healthier and better to your lungs, but what are those claims based on. Is it healthier to vape your herb in your vaporizer than to burn it in your blunt period, or are there similarities and differences involved when it comes to health risks?

In this video, Dr. Greger from NutitionFacts.org, sheds some light on the often haled advent of vaporizing your marijuana, as a healthier alternative to burning it. But in contrary to what many claims, even if vaping might reduce the amount of tar and other harmful compounds that burning does, vaping also comes with its set of health risk factors.


“Choose your vape-pen carefully…”


The Smoking Marijuana vs Using a Cannabis Vaporizer [1] video might be seen as a total slam of the two forms of inhaling marijuana and might encourage a restriction those forms of consumption. However, a brighter perspective is proposed here by concluding that just like it is with allergies and hypersensitivity to food ingredients, some people that are prone to certain health complications should stay away from a particular form of compound or form of consumption.

Choose your vape-pen carefully, it might be that sword that gets you in the end.

[1] NutritionFacts.org (2018, August 20). Retrieved November 05, 2018, from https://youtu.be/BO0jUYku51I

Cover Photo by Jaroslav Devia on Unsplash