Dungeon Master of Arborealis Records is back with Arboreal Arts Vol.2. A psy-twisted exclusive shadow set for Bardo #12 of our podcast 420µHz.

A Blast From The Past

The V.A release of Arboreal Arts Vol.2 had its launch back in August of 2021. Nevertheless, good music does not have an expiry date, especially when it’s put together into a phenomenal set. Yeah yeah, I know, why should I write anything else but good stuff about our friend Dungeon Master, especially when it’s exclusively released here on our podcast 420µHz

Even though the good relationship between us, that statement is, in particular, more based on our musical perception.

Since our first contact with Arborealis Records, we have been impressed with the finesse, artistry, and professionalism of the execution of their tracks. In all honesty, we here at WF420 would like to be at their high level.

In particular, I believe that the splendid South African cultural melting pot, in combination with the fearlessness of a young non-conformed psyche gives rise to a relentless search for uniqueness and quality.

In addition, not to mention any less, the importance of those more experienced contributors to the final result. You know who you are.

In Their Own Words

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the twisted, daring, and funky tunes of Arborealis Records and want to have a glimpse into what they are all about. Hence, given that we have already showered them with superlatives, I will leave it to their own description of what this set and compilation has in store for us.

Prepare your ears once again for the ways of the Arboreal Arts, a dark and mysterious form of expression forever shrouded in the shadows beneath the forests of the world. enjoy a selection of local S.A underground artists, as well as some new internationals gracing this compilation with their dark driving night-psy.

– Arborealis Records –

On a second thought, we would like to add to that. This set is, by all means, grovy, danceable, of relatively high BPM, and performed with a nice execution. Surely, you guys will not be disappointed, whether this is your first forest adventure, or if you are a well-traveled canopy cruiser.

Introducing The 420µHz Bardo #12

Back in 2020, on the 9th of November, we released a set by Dungeon Master that was based on the VA compilation Arboreal Arts Vol.1 which was released under Arborealis Records.

Now that experimentally twisted wonder from South Africa has some more wickedness up their sleeve with a Vol.2 of Arboreal Arts.

Equally important as giving the set itself an introduction, we here at WF420 like to add to the exposure of all contributors. Explicitly those who should be credited for their efforts in bringing forward any piece of art. 

Therefore, finally, before I get to the set itself and for you who have been following Arborealis Records’ musical rampaging. Accordingly, I have to mention that these tracks have been mastered by Anomaly, who has several tracks released with this beast of a label. To this end, with no further delay, here is Bardo #12 of our podcast 420µHzArboreal Arts Vol.2.

If you can’t get enough of this episode, then check out the full track-list below and also visit the profiles of the featured artists to show some love and support.

1. Alternate Frequency – Mycelium Concelium
2.Interloper – Assimilation
3.Tsokör – Why Are You So Scared?
4.Blether – Initial Venture
5.Anomaly – You Talking To Me?
6.Primordial & Nemo – Beyond Reason
7.Voidwalker – Ab Initio
8.Dungeon Master – Arctotheca

Reaching Out To The Artists

For bookings and contacting Dungeon Master, he can be reached through:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonmasterpsy
Bandcamp: https://arborealisrecsmusic.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dungeonmaster_psy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dungeon-Master-Psy-107658557604754
Web: https://arborealisrecords.wixsite.com/music
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqCT0YsyYnx5ZLrJJdnYsw

The featured artist from this episode’s tracks can be reached on the following links:

  1. Alternate Frequency: https://soundcloud.com/alternate-frequency
  2. Interloper: https://soundcloud.com/interloper-psy
  3. Tsokör: https://soundcloud.com/tsokor
  4. Blether: https://soundcloud.com/bletherpsy
  5. Anomaly: https://soundcloud.com/anomalypsytrance  www.instagram.com/anomalypsytrance/
  6. Primordial: https://soundcloud.com/primordi4l
  7. Nemo: https://soundcloud.com/nemowibica
  8. Voidwalker: https://soundcloud.com/user-426169025
  9. Dungeon Master: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonmasterpsy  www.instagram.com/dungeonmaster_psy/

Make sure to follow Arborealis Records. This is the easiest way to show your support for any label or artist, and this will keep them pushing it for your pleasure.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Arborealis.Recs/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/arborealis_records/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqCT0YsyYnx5ZLrJJdnYsw
Bandcamp: arborealisrecsmusic.bandcamp.com/follow_me
Soundcloud: @arborealisrecords

If you enjoyed this darkness drenched trip that rocked us into a state of the higher psy BPMs, and want to keep exploring what Arborelis Records has to offer then enter Bardo#7 – Dungeon Master Cruises Back To The 420μHz Podcast

As always – relax, enjoy, smile, and emerge from underneath the forest canopy!