Ilya Fedorov relays a most interesting vinyl-only set for Bardo #11 of our podcast 420µHz. From Russia, he curates a deep, groovy, and tripped-out concoction of techy tracks called Needles And Vinyl.

With him previously being featured on Deep House Petersburg, Vinyl Only Podcast Series, Recordeep, and Deep House Moscow. It is with much anticipation, and excitement that the turn has come to us to host him.

From the tracklist of these past guest spots, we can tell that Ilya has embraced the eastern European techno wonder. Alluringly to our quest for fresh sounds, this is also something he eagerly showcases in this episode of the 420µHz podcast. So, if you like this kind of vinyl-based groovy techno, then for sure you will like what Ilya has prepared in Needles And Vinyl.

Hopefully, and with the help of your love and support, he will be gracing us with more sets of this kind in the future.

Presenting The 420µHz Bardo #11

Finally, before we get to the great musical matter itself, remember to relax, enjoy, smile, and buy more vinyl.

Soundcloud set embed

If you can’t get enough of this episode, then dig into the full track-list below. Please support Ilya by playing this set, follow him, and like what he is sharing. This is the simplest way to show support for this artist and his art.

01. RWNFreudian Slip B1. / FS004
02. Nu ZauShadow B2. / CVLTD003
03. Boniface – A. Constellation / BoniFace03
04. Noah Skelton – B1. Two Truths / Amour002
05. Daniel Broesecke – A1. Tailwind / Particular03
06. FasterPresarat Cu bass A1. / TOS005
07. Thomas David – B. Dagger (Direkt Remix) / OCR001
08. Boniface – Across The Earth B2. / Boniface03
09. Core – B1. Moartea Unui Ego / Koi002

For bookings and contacting Ilya Fedorov, he can be reached through:


A special thanks goes out to Gardener for delivering the graphic art for this 420µHz episode.

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