Dungeon Master of Arborealis Records is back with Canopy Cruisers. An exclusive set for Bardo #7 of our podcast 420µHz, based on the second VA release from that label.

Like the previous VA-based set Bardo #3 – Arboreal Arts Vol. 1, this one brings together a collective of underground talents from Cape Town, South Africa, and beyond. Once again, the focus of Dungeon Master lies on the experimental side of darker styled dance music ranging from 150 to 157BPM

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the twisted and funky tunes of Arborealis Records and want to have a summary of what they are all about. I could not have put it in any better way of describing this set, than what they have done themselves below.

The second V.A. of Arborealis Records transports you from the dense dark undergrowth to the light of the canopies, bustling with life and energy and cruising to the skies! Featuring label artists, newcomers, and experienced master blasters alike, as well as being mastered by veteran master-blaster Tersius, every track will send you flying above the tree lines of abstract jungles and distant planets and zooming with energy!

– Arborealis Records –

Surely, after having listened to this set, all of us here at Waiting For 420 fully agree with this statement. The addition from our side would be that they have evolved positively even further since last time we heard from them. Hats off to you psy-gents, and keep on bringing those killer tunes!

Before cruising into this episode’s DJ set, we would once again like to introduce Dungeon Master and Arborealis Records.

Arborealis Records Bio

Arborealis Records is a new label focusing on the experimental side of Psychedelic dance music, namely High-Tech and Hi-Forest, with Full On Psy-Trance and Forest also included. Our goal is to showcase the new underground talents of the Cape, as well as experienced master blasters, and share their passion to the world !

Dungeon Master Bio

A Dungeon Master’s purpose is to guide the adventurer on a great journey, and so in this spirit this Dungeon Master will attempt to convey the happenings of grand and bizarre cosmic events taking place on the dancefloor through the sonic pallet of full on psytrance, Hi-Tech and forest …

Presenting The 420µHz Bardo #7

As always we like to contribute to the exposure of all contributors who should be credited for their efforts in bringing forward any piece of art. So finally, before we e get to the set itself and for you who are well acquainted with the psy-scene. There has to be a mention that these tracks have been mastered by no one less than Tersius, who is associated with Our Minds Music, Pralayah Records and Zenon Records. So with no further delay here is Bardo #7 of our podcast 420µHzCanapy Cruisers.

If you can’t get enough of this episode, then check out the full track-list below and also visit the profiles of the featured artists to show some love and support.

1. TerraHertz – Midnight Joyride (150)
2. Profound – Homeric Hymn (150)
3. Dungeon Master – Diversion Dispersion (150)
4. Anomaly – Korah (150)
5. Blether And Dungeon Master – Area 151 (151)
6. Mystic 55 – Desolation (153)
7. Keelo – Robotic Forest (154)
8. L55 – Electron Spin (157)

Reaching Out To The Artists

For bookings and contacting Dungeon Master, he can be reached through:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonmasterpsy
Bandcamp: https://arborealisrecsmusic.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dungeonmaster_psy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dungeon-Master-Psy-107658557604754
Web: https://arborealisrecords.wixsite.com/music
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqCT0YsyYnx5ZLrJJdnYsw

The featured artist from this episode’s tracks can be reached on the following links:

1. TerraHertz – soundcloud.com/terrahertz_official www.instagram.com/louis_terrahertz_interloper/
2. Profound – soundcloud.com/profoundct www.instagram.com/profound_musiq/
3. Dungeon Master – soundcloud.com/dungeonmasterpsy www.instagram.com/dungeonmaster_psy/
4. Anomaly – soundcloud.com/anomalypsytrance www.instagram.com/anomalypsytrance/
5. Blether – soundcloud.com/Bletherpsy
6. Mystic.Inc – soundcloud.com/mystic_inc www.instagram.com/mystic.inc_/
7. Keelo – soundcloud.com/user-614822170 www.instagram.com/keelankolbee/
8. L55 – soundcloud.com/l55psy

Make sure to follow Arborealis Records. This is the easiest way to show your support for any label or artist, and this will keep them pushing it for your pleasure.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Arborealis.Recs/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/arborealis_records/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqCT0YsyYnx5ZLrJJdnYsw
Bandcamp: arborealisrecsmusic.bandcamp.com/follow_me
Soundcloud: @arborealisrecords

If you enjoyed this darker trip that grooved us into the 150BPM zone, and want to keep exploring what Arborelis Records has to offer then head on over to …an exclusive set for 420μHz Bardo #3

As always – relax, enjoy, smile, and fly through the forest canopy!

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