Introducing Sultan aka Vyntek and his retro Goa-inspired track Solar Core on our sub-label Zen Patrol.

Black and white closeup of a tagel harp that is being played


When multi-talent is mentioned as a description of an artist, surely something extra is expected. In like manner, this applies to the creator of the track we are presenting here. Vyntek from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, previously played in a local grunge rock band, is an avid gamer, audio engineer, videographer, and he creates cool videos and tracks art. On top of that, Vyntek has recently started making Scandinavian folk music instruments. 

First in line from this hands-on audio production was a Tagelharpa, which sound-wise can be compared to a cello or a bass, but smaller. This he mentions, will hopefully lead him to create a complete ensemble of instruments. Something that will deliver a more organic styled sound, that he would like to pair with throat singing.

Though his current focus lies with this, he has actively been into other realms of music for a while now. So far metal, goa-psy, Scandinavian folk, audio engineering, and instrument building have not quenched his appetite for trying out new stuff or made him settled. Albeit so, he still feels like he is searching.

Whatever he might try out, outlandish, unexpected, or even similar, it will add to the synthesis of his future releases. That is why we are not only looking forward to his next creations but are also continuous followers of his artistic discoveries and processes.

Solar Core

In the meantime, the focus for us lies with Solar Core. A smooth downtempo retro-goa track. To put it another way, a current-day producer tooled time machine. That is to say, we just knew that this would fit perfectly into our retro-hunger receptors, the moment we heard a demo of it. Undeniably leading to an urge to share it with the world as well.

In essence, this is our warm welcome of Vyntek to our WF420 family, and we really appreciate your support for him and his track by playing and liking the track via the Spotify link or on any other music streaming site that you will find us on.


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Reaching Out To The Artists

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