Reporting out of Kathmandu, Aghorrkriya from Psytanik Behavior is delivering a 1 hour DJ set straight from the shadowy psy-underground.

The 51st Day Of Cribbin set is dark, psychedelic, high speed, and ready to teleport our minds and feet to a forest-groovy night dance floor. In case you are locked down, then go augment your reality. Put on some headphones, dance like you were just right there by enjoying what Aghorrkriya is bringing.

Lastly, before we let you go to let loose. We would like to thank Aghorrkriya for having us in mind when choosing the art for his SoundCloud set.

As always – relax, enjoy, smile, and come up with a name for an herb strain especially cultivated for you!

If you enjoyed this high-speed set and now want to break it off with some sunshine chill, then head on over to Prince Zra Jah – Mixtape set.

Aghorrkriya (2020). 51st Day Of Cribbin. [online] SoundCloud – Aghorrkriya. Available at: [Accessed 28 May. 2020].

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