Out of the Mexican pantheon of well-traveled DJs, KaLs Ometeotl has caught our attention with no less than two defining DJ sets from Cosmic Convergence and Boom Festival.

In sync with the dual nature of the mysterious Aztec god Ometeotl. We would like to invite you to take a break from your normal routines. Strip away your preconceptions and fully absorb the mastery of KaLs Ometeotl. On the decks here, with these two sets that will take you from grace of chill to the space of a swampy forest hill.

First from the relaxed side of this coin. His hypnotic set from the Chillout Gardens at Boom Festivals 2016 edition. Close your eyes and let it take you to that dusty floor that was bathing in the rays of the sun god Huitzilopochtli.

Now when that has charged your spirits. We can surely imagine you have already figured it out. That when the coin is tossed again, and the side is flipped, you will be stung by that bug that will make your beat-catching feet itch. So, stand up and crank it up, because the following beats from Cosmic Convergence are mixed by KaLs Ometeotl.

Furthermore, for you festival-hungry dust stompers. As the name suggests, this DJ of our interest seems to be closely tied to the magic of the festival Ometeotl. Which, definitely looks like a place and scene that just has to be added to our list of adventure grounds.

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Cover picture credits: Boom Festival 2016. Cosmic Convergence 2017. KaLs Ometeotl SoundCloud 2020.