Introducing Gardener and his proggy full-on psy track Hypothecarion Spotify låt länk on the WF420 sub-label ALT CTRL.

Not only does he deliver tracks like Hypothecarion but he also writes about health and performance here in our SBWxS column. That is why we are looking forward to more full-on vibes from this multi-faceted artist and producer.

For this out-side of the box life form, more nice things will come for sure, so be certain to hang arround for more.

Gardener is a column writer, music producer, and curator for our music label WF420. A fully-fledged vegan, a health-o-holic, Buddhist meditator, and a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt. On top of that, he wears a ton of ink. But whatever that might mean to you, that is just the surface of his existence.

“Continuously finding ways to learn”

Regarding his musical side, he is inspired by artists like KLIMENT, HELLQUIST, KRUMELUR, PETRAN and EVIL OILMAN. However, his influence pool of genres goes beyond the dark prog forest styles. Gardener also takes full joy in exposing himself to JAZZ, DUB TECHNO, PSY DUB and LOW BEAT HIP HOP.

As for artistic development, he sees himself continuing his work with GOD PARTICLE and KALINATH from WF420 and to get into more future collaborations with artists from other labels and styles. He keeps on working hard, in hope of to one day be touring the world perpetually and to be performing at small personal gatherings and legendary events like BOOM FESTIVAL, MO:DEM and OZORA.

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Thank you to all our supporters out there who have shown love for our previous releases. Thanks to you we have been able to bring another cool video by psy-specialist Sami Nezami.

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Thank you Sami Nezami for the love and artistry.

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