Undeniably, Prince Zra Jah – Mixtape is probably the best mixtape since I played a Lionel Ritchie compilation in a 1978 Nissan Cherry back in the 90s.

By all means, Zzzzra, delivers this pineapple sweet, reggae-infused one-hour musical divinity selection like no other. Particularly to make note of, is that this is a mixtape and no seamless DJ set because as Zzzzr mentions, a lack of personal DJ skills.

Nevertheless, this is just waiting to fill your Sunday chill-zone with bliss. 

As a matter of fact, and perhaps a contrast, Zra Montalban, as this creator is also known as, is an accomplished dub techno producer. Something that can be convincingly experienced through Zra’s LP L’entraide.

Whether it is a contrast or a token of root appreciation, we LOVE it! 

As always – relax, enjoy, smile and have some pineapple!

For Our X-Mas Wish List

Montalban, M. (2015). Prince Zra Jah – Mixtape. [Online – SoundCloud] SoundCloud – Zzzzra. Available at: https://soundcloud.com/zzzzra/prince-zra-jah-mixtape?in=rob_dewey/sets/dub-techno.