Burgers, burgers, gyros, wraps, salads, smoothies, hot dogs and burgers. And it’s all vegan. Because just like the name implies of this 11 spots nationwide burger joint, the cow remains untouched.

This place has just the right amount of options on the menu not to make you stand and stare for minutes, wasting your time you should be indulging yourself in next to home-made style vegan delights. Easily put, you chose your patty, gyros or hotdog. Then if you would like to have it in a bun, as a bowl or even as a set menu. Lastly, add your sauces and extras like vegan cheese or pickles. Interior of Krowarzywa The place is cafe-cozy and well ventilated so you won’t leave with a lingering smell of deep-fry and dead cow. Instead, it invites you to stay and enjoy your fast food unless you opt for some takeaway. Which bring me to the point of how well 2 burgers and a smoothie still tasted after being exposed to sub-zero temperatures for 20 minutes or so. Leaving Krowarzywa with high hopes of filling my stomach and satisfying my taste-buds, I soon came to realize in my hotel room that my mission would be a successful one. Bite after bite convinced me that there is something soulful about Polish cuisine that has trickled into vegan modernities like burgers and smoothies. All in all, there are only positive things to say about this place. A good portion of fine tasting, satiating food for an ok amount of money, in a nice setting. Address: l. Hoża 29/31, 00-521 City: Warsaw Country: Poland

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