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The discussion about what is the ultimate hacking keyboard, is something that has surely omitted the interest and notability of probably all of us technology sheep. Melinda Wyers though has contrarily dwelled a bit down into this curiosity of a rabbit hole.

The typical media stereotype of a hacker or pro PC gamer is this soft drink gulping nearsighted loner who types faster than a hummingbird’s wing flapping. Indeed, there has to be some favorable technical equipment that makes faster typing more easy.

“They have several other options as well as wooden palm rests for those of yall who somehow type with your wrists on the table.”

Melinda Wyers

Just like certain athletes prefer and chose certain equipment over others. That is to say, a professional 100-meter sprinter does not chose any of the rack running sneakers. So, it could be believed that hackers and gamers have a weapon of choice when it comes to keyboards.

To that conclusion, following here, it seems like Melinda Wyers has an interesting take on the subject that could show us sheep an even more curious side of the speedy keyboardists.

“We’ve all seen the bonkers looking split keyboards from the early 2000s where the middle arches up and the keys are shaped like a wave on your desk. I don’t have any physical limitations to typing on a standard keyboard so why get a split board? The other split keyboards are on a base, you can’t adjust the space between your hands, with this style of keyboard you can still have straight keys but you can spread them out to where your elbows aren’t touching while trying to type. You can switch between a standard keyboard and a split setup as both halves join together. My favorite part is that the two halves are joined by an old school curly phone cord-like we had growing up.”

Melinda Wyers

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