SunMile a.k.a Alex Nas is the guest DJ for Bardo #2 of our podcast 420µHz. Out of Copenhagen Denmark, he brings his creation Progressive Invasion to us for you to enjoy.

Starting out as a guitar player with a curiosity for different genres, SunMile a.k.a Alex Nas stumbled across psytrance. The connection was immediate and in 2016 he started performing as a DJ at small local events in Denmark.

His passion for the music and discovering new frontiers of it have not diminished and SunMile’s style that ranges from bouncy progressive to full-on has taken him to stages beyond Denmark to Sweden and heartwarming festivals like Aymon Festival in Bulgaria.

“I would love to share positive vibes with as many people as I can during my life journey! I truly believe that we can make this world a better place by doing that.”

SunMile a.k.a Alex Nas

Progressive Invasion, is his contribution to the 420µHz podcast and we can attest to his positive philosophy and style shines through all the way from beginning to end.

We really hope you will like this episode and we look forward to having SunMile as our guest in the future.

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If you liked this set and would like to hear more from SunMile, then the following set from Aymon Festival in Bulgaria is another good one from this young talent

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