The incredible Italo Brutalo, our latest addition to the WF420 family, indulges us with Analog Pink. This is an Italo exclusive set for Bardo #5 of our podcast 420µHz.

As you may know, here at Waiting For 420, we are products of the 80s. So, hosting this living legend for our 420µHz podcast is a true honor and pleasure. In that spirit, we would like to share that the first time we came across this hardworking super-talented Italo Brutalo, was almost 7 years ago when someone sent us a groovy Berlin type of DJ set. A kind of set you could encounter at the Fusion Festival in Germany. It was handed to us with the note “wait until the end”, so we did…

At the end of this set, when the second last track was transitioning into the last one, there was something that smelled like the 80s. Not only that but what we had picked up on, was a springy baseline that we have heard before. This element of the track was the thing that made us go “Noooooo Way, Can It Really Be?”….. “Holy Shit… It’s Motherfuckin Safety Dance”.

Men Without Hats – Safety Dance (Italo Brutalo Edit), 2013

By minute 2 of the track, we got the confirmation when Ivan Doroschuk’s vocals entered this remix. In pure joy, we jumped up and we all went into safety dance mode. 

Say What!? Safety dance mode? Now what the fuck is that might most of you think?

Well back in the days, 1982 to be exact, this group called Men Without Hats released a track with an accompanying video where people are performing this now legendary dance move where they make a big S with their arms. So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that no one, up till 2013 made a good enough remix to dance to again.

 Men Without Hats – Safety Dance (HD 720p), 2016

Some Stuff The Synth Nerd In Us Likes

With that said, Italo Brutalo needs no further introduction as his well-known accomplishments, such as the above speak for themself. But, for you who still have not crossed paths with his 80s infused Italo disco artistry, here are a few worth mentioning.

A true believer in the capability of analog synthesizers

He has performed both live and as DJ at legendary venues such as Berlin’s Kit Kat Club, Zoo Project in Ibiza, and the Pumpui stage at Ozora Festival. To name a few. But, it does not stop there. Rubbing shoulders, remixing and collaborating with artists such as DJ Hell, AIMES, Moo Moonster, Moonbootica, Kris Menace, Justin Faust, Local Suicide, Ilya Santana, L’Equipe du Son, Frank Agrario, and Aux Tha Masterfader. Stuff like this has surely secured him those spots with broadcasters as Berlin Boombox and the Fiesta & Bulllshit magazine´s show on Ibiza Global radio.

Regarding his hardworking character that we mentioned, he even has his own podcast video stream and label called Bungalo Disco. Lastly, in this line of merits and in the spirit of hard work, he was featured on Telekom Electronic Beats. In that video, you can witness that there is still some electronic music that is made the good old grind way. That is, in a dungeon full of analog gear.

Which Are Italo Brutalo’s Top 10 Tracks?

1. Line (Italo Brutalo Remix) – Italo Brutalo, Viktor Talking Machine.
2. People Under the Age (Rydim Rmx) – Undo, DJ Hell, Italo Brutalo.
(RFR Records)
3. Wunderbar (Italo Brutalo Remix) – Italo Brutalo, Kalipo, Local Suicide.
(Hold Your Ground)
4. Ostsee (Italo Brutalo Remix) – Italo Brutalo, HOVR.
5. Paradiso Analogico (Franz Scala Remix) – Franz Scala, Italo Brutalo.
(Bungalo Disco)
6. More Cowbells (Italo Brutalo Remix) – Italo Brutalo, CYRK.
(DRED Records)
7. Ecstasy in Slow Motion (Italo Brutalo Remix) – Italo Brutalo, Moo Moonster.
(Neonized Records)
8. Paradiso Analogico (Ilya Santana Remix) – Ilya Santana, Italo Brutalo.
(Bungalo Disco)
9. Systeria – Italo Brutalo.
(Complex Textures)
10. Velodrome – Italo Brutalo.
(Days Of Being Wild)

As always, Italo Brutalo will keep it real, high quality and will keep spreading his original old school synthesizer disco music vibe in the future by taking listeners, night clubs, and festival-motherships on a truly original voyage.

We really hope you like this episode and we surely believe Italo Brutalo will return as we now welcome him to our µHz WF420 family.

Bowing out with that introduction and no further delay, here is Bardo #5 of our podcast 420µHzAnalog Pink.

As always – relax, enjoy, smile, and see you at Studio 54.

For bookings and contacting Italo Brutalo, he can be reached through:







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