Down the Jackalope hole we go, as Geggamoja concocts a freaky Friday forest-psy experience for Bardo #6 of our podcast 420µHz
Named Jackalope Hole, this set will not stomp slower than 144BPM. Jumping between forest trails of the underworlds like the oddly rabbit-deer chimera itself.

“folk tales of horned rabbits”

Geggamoja, also summoned as Kalinath, sees to it that the mystery of the lesser-known mythical mutant creature called Jackalope will stand for the introduction and vibe for this 420µHz episode. 

The Legend Of The Jackalope

The name Jackalope is a combination of the words jackrabbit and antelope. As the story tells, it is a North American folkloric animal with the body of a jackrabbit with antelope horns. But this historical animal chimera combo is not limited to the North American continent. Such a creature has also allegedly been spotted in Iran, Germany, and Mexico.

The Jackalope is said to hump each other during lightning storms and is an aggressive critter that hunters should be wary of. It can call out in a human voice, misguiding any pursuers of its sought-after milk. However, like all monsters, it also has its weakness – good ol’ whiskey. If lured into drinking it, the Jackolope will pass out and make itself vulnerable for being milked.

As for the mythical powers of its milk, who knows what spirits it carries or how it should be prepared. Unfortunately, no 4-step easy-to-follow guide could be found online for organic free-range Jackalope milk. Neither is there an agreed-on particular power that this milk should have. You can only imagine what that could be? Especially if people were willing to sacrifice some good whiskey to score some mutant milk. Surely it had to be a better drug.

Whether or not this is a global phenomenon with ancient historical roots or not. That is up for debate. On the other hand, the most plausible explanation, at least for the North American version, goes as follows. 

A stuffer of animals from Wyoming created an exhibition example of a rabbit with deer antlers attached to its head. The artist of such a creation was most probably inspired by folk tales of horned rabbits that in fact could have been real rabbits infected with a virus. The Shope Papilloma virus allows horn-like tumors to grow on a rabbit’s head and body. Including out-of-the-mouth antler-like fangs. Now imagine if that was a human pandemic. Do I hear comedy laughter or sighs of awe?

DJ Stuff We Like

Forest Folklore Or Virus

Folklore or virus, this really makes me think what the fuck…  What kind of virus-infected beasts are lurking in the woods around the world anyway. Hyper-intelligent winged bunnies with wolverine claws and lion-like fangs. Suck on that you self-proclaimed covid-19-age virologists. It also makes me think about what hides unseen and unnoticed inside of us. Perhaps something that is affecting things like thinking, decisions, and musical behavior. Although, how strange this kind of thinking may seem to some of you, the fact that our DNA contains parts of viruses is a quite accepted theory.

Having weirded most people out by now, the mood is set for forest psy-darkness. Particularly after a detour into Italo Techno and electronica that could be heard in previous episodes. So, this set will take the 420µHz podcast back to one of the fast lanes in dark digital music that we so much treasure here.

Let’s Get Back To The Geggamoja Music

As for the musical chef behind this episode, she says that she likes to tell stories with her sets which are not bound to sub-styles, labels, or release years. She does this well by braiding together tracks from 2003 up until 2020. She simply plays what she channels, jumping in between forest trails, from 144 to 160 BPM and down a Jakckalope hole.  This way you will get an exclusive invitation to what forest-psy sounds like. Definitely a look into her musical mind.

Finally, before we get to the musical good stuff itself, remember to relax, enjoy, smile, and follow the yellow brick road.

If you can’t get enough of this episode and want more of what’s dwelling in Geggamoja’s psy-realm, then check out the Spotify playlists A Tale Of Forest, A Dark Psy Saga and A Hitech Story ૐ which are compiled by Geggamoja herself.

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