Converging Sounds are our brothers from the hip hop part of the musical spectrum. They tell us the story of why we hear and why some of us like dark-psy while others can listen to buttery smooth jazz all day long.

Converging Sounds lays it down on us that it’s no secret some of us like a certain style of music that others can’t stand. Some of us even have many types of favorite genres that fill our playlists of which only some are tolerable to our parent’s ears. Considering that’s a fact, then if we all hear the same sounds and we have the same type of ears, how come we can differ so widely in our musical preferences? Why is this so, even among people from the same age range with the same cultural background? And on the flip side, why do some of us share musical likes with folks who differ completely from us?

Different styles of music often deal with vibrations ranging from about 20-20000hz, but some of us like rock music while others prefer other styles. Could the reason behind this be that we are limiting our ears to listen to only what we want to or when we hear something new or weird we convince our brain into thinking it’s not nice? The answer could be…

In Their Own words

To shine some light on these questions, the audio mixing and mastering technicians from Converging Sounds have put together an article that might shine some light on these questions. Read the full article named “Perception of Sound: A Physiological and Psychological Review” by clicking the link below

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