Chinguaga a.k.a Adrian Alexander delivers an exclusive live set for Bardo #10 of our podcast 420µHz. Out of Dresden Germany swirls his darkpsy twistedness called Bleeps and blops.

Adrian Alexander, now under the stage name Chinguaga, has something special in store for this episode of the 420µHz podcast. Being associated with labels such as Twisted Alps Records, FreiGeist SoundArt and Psygen Records. Additionally collaborating with Synthetic Flora, leaves us much appreciative towards him being our guest and we look forward to the tunes he will be blasting out at us here.

After attending his first festival, he felt his life took a new course. He felt this experience made him wanna express himself through the bleeps and blows of psychedelic trance.

Eventually, he ended up as a psytrance producer and DJ. Delivering a completely exclusive live set, composed of strictly original tracks. To mildly put it, we are blessed, honored, grateful, and very excited to be hosting this mindful psy talent.

Except for the musical generosity this guy brings, we simply like him because he has a philosophy and vision when it comes to his music.

“I want to inspire people to pull off their craziest moves on the dance floor. 
The induced trance state helps the listener to become fully present.
Free of the past and free of the future.
Free of desire and free of worry.
This is the magic of psychedelic trance.
When I experience this state of consciousness myself it makes me produce more music.
I know that a song is ready for the stage once I enter the flow state while I’m listening to it.
The flow pulls me through the song and the song ends before i start to think about what to add next.
This way my music triggers my serotonin and dopamine release.
It behaves like a mind-altering substance transmitted by sound.   
It makes me happy and I know that this spell also works on like-minded people”

– Chinguaga –

Presenting The 420µHz Bardo #10

Bleeps and Blops, is his benefaction to the 420µHz podcast, and we can bare witness that his musical philosophy and style shines through all the way from beginning to end. This is after all 

a 100% homemade Forest/Dark-Psy Live-set exclusively recorded for Waiting For 420. A one-hour-plus journey that starts at 145bpm, and speeds up to 156bpm. 

We really hope you will like this episode and we look forward to having Chinguaga as our returning guest in the future. Finally, before we get to the musical good stuff itself. Remember to relax, enjoy, smile, and don’t stop bleep bloppin your dance moves.

If you can’t get enough of this episode, then check out the full track-list below. Please support by playing them, liking them, and reposting them on the different streaming and social media platforms. This is the simplest way to show support for this artist and his art.

0:00 Chinguaga – Mirror Worlds – Inverted Reality [G# 148] released on Twisted Alps Records 
7:45 Chinguaga – Mirror Worlds – Internal Reflection [E 148] 
13:45 Chinguaga – Sonic Illusion- The Urge to Create [148] released on Psygen Records
20:05   Chinguaga – Turbulent Times
26:00   Chinguaga – Symphony of Creation 
32:15   Chinguaga – Lindwurm (unreleased)
38:00   Chinguaga – Procrastinater [155]
45:50   Chinguaga & Synthetic Flora – Seppel (unreleased) [156] Synthetic Flora
53:30   Chinguaga & Synthetic Flora – Zylinder der Babayaga [156] 

Reaching Out To The Artists

For bookings and to contact the artist or his other project Bonkey Dunko, which he shares with Synthetic Flora. Then he can be reached through:



A special thanks go out to Gardener for delivering the graphic art for this 420µHz episode.

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