Our own Kālināth brings you a curated playlist that will take you on a mystical journey into the dark depths of forest psy music.

Kālināth, a devoted dust stomper, listener, and producer of the darker side of psychedelic music takes on the cape as our dark psy music curator. To share her enthusiasm for the dark and groovy, she has compiled a range of new & old of forest psy tracks for you to be enjoyed on Spotify

We are looking forward to more musical mayhem from Kālināth expeditiously and hope to hear more good stuff like her sick and sexy bassline driven debut track Kali Mandala, that was proudly released on our WF420 sublabel ALT CTRL.

Also for the curious creatures of the forest psy genre and its typical artists and record labels. For this Kālināth has put together two lists where she randomly answers the question of who are forest artists and some of the record labels that release this kind of music.

Before she sends you off to be summoned by forest gnomes, fairies, trolls and trees, there is a spell you need to speak. Not too long, not too short, just about Swedish “lagom” and Ras Malai sweet for your mind to keep.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”

John Muir

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