Aura Borealis, our latest addition to the WF420 family, indulges us with Pulsewidth, a laid back mixtape, for Bardo #4 of our podcast 420µHz.

First of all. Yes! As we are products of the 80s, so we love our mixtapes. But enough about us. Let’s see what this episode and its creator has in store for us.

Aura Borealis aka Microburst Alert from Bangalore India hands us this sonic journey of a mixtape. Not only is this talent curating music for us but he also has some tracks to be released soon as well. Those tracks can be expected to drop in the near future on our newly launched WF420 sub-label Zen Patrol.

Some Stuff For Chillin’ We Like

The name behind the experimental, ambient electronic music project Aura Borealis, was inspired by a song from the album ‘Waterfall Cities’ by Ozric Tentacles. Except for those chilled-out vibes that come out of that, he also produces music from the other side of the psychedelic spectrum, that reaches up to 160 BPM.

Clearly, we are expecting more cool stuff from this artist in the future and we welcome him to our WF420 family.

So with that introduction and no further ado, here is Bardo #4 of our podcast 420µHzPulsewidth.

As always – relax, enjoy, smile, and chill homie.

For bookings and contacting Aura Borealis, he can be reached through:




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