Mr.Clifford aces his way into the 420µHz family, after our 8-month absence, due to moves, re-organization, split focus, and a whole lot of green and brown excuses… 
Bardo #15 of our podcast, named End The Beginning, strikes a chord with you more on the darkish proggy side of the tech fence.

From Malmö With Rhythm And Bass

Mr.Clifford a.k.a Kliff Persson, father of two, resident of Malmö Sweden. You know Malmö, just on the other side of the bridge from Copenhagen Denmark. Where Kliff lives.

You know Kliff. The cool dude originally from Trelleborg who back in 1996 got a trance record from a friend after moving to Malmö, and got hooked. Hooked on that rhythmical, bass-driven sound that attracted another kind of people. A sound away from apparent commercialism and superficial musical interactions, towards a crowd who mindfully chose their venues and DJs, where curated music was the gravitating center.

This advance in Mr. Clifford’s evolution, made him take his first leap into playing as a DJ in 1998. A step he also credits all the producers who made his craft possible back then and continue to do so today.

Interestingly enough, this journey started in the 6-month-long dark cloudy-season of Scandinavia but inspired by his recent discovery of the light-energetic Goa Trance. Back then under the artist moniker “The Spliff”.

Ever since he has been playing everything from prog, tech house, techno, and minimal in Thailand, Germany, India, Sweden, and Denmark. Teaming up on occasion with his buddy DJ SaTaYa a.k.a Peter Lindgren. Eventually, landing a gig together in 2006,  at the legendary Fusion Festival near Lärz Germany.

Conclusively, this introduction and global DJ travel resume would not be complete without some further mentioning. Mr. Clifford has in his appearances shared the stage with artist such as Beat Bizarre, Reefer Decree, Vibrasphere, Son Kite, Ethnoscope and Ticon to name a few.

Surely a good demonstration of his DJ skills and hopefully something he will be sharing with us soon again.

Mr. Clifford Completes The Plot

So, we have left 2022 behind. However for Mr. Clifford, the saga continues, and it would not be a complete introduction of this well-rounded DJ if he in his own words couldn’t deliver his take on the musical 2022 and all-time modern musical past.

We figured we might ask him some questions and let Mr. Clifford elaborate so that we could get a feel for his influences and style.

What are Your Favourite DJs Of 2022?
My favorite DJs of 2022 are Fernanda Pistelli from Brazil And Solee from Germany, when I heard Fernanda at the end of 2020 I felt stuck with the same artist, same labels, and same way of playing that I have been doing for the last couple of years. But her way of mixing and blending hard and melodic progressive techno made me find the love for music again.” 

And Who Would Be Your All Time Favourite DJs?
Ouch this is a tough one, there are so many of them but the old and classic of course Jeff Mills, Sven Väth and Carl cox, old school Carl cox, Tsuyoshi Suzuki Then there are some smaller local ones that I think should have got better recognition on the bigger stage, like Sataya from Helsingborg, Astral from Malmoe and many more.

Mr. Clifford’s Favourite Tracks Of 2022 Are?
Meliora by Rinzen, Balthazar by Soel, Reboot by Solee, and Odyssey by Massano.

Stacked Against Those Awesome Tracks, What Are your All time Best Ones?
Tough one, Once upon a time by Oryx is one for sure and Hale Bopp by Der Dritte Raum is on top.

Would Your Favourite Producers Of 2022 Be Anyone From The Aforementioned Tracks?
Yes, Rinzen and Soel.

And How About Any Favourite Producers Of All Time?
Der Dritte Raum, Minilogue and Man with no name.

Any Favourite Venues You Played?
Culture Box in Copenhagen, Ökända festival on the island of Ven. Also in a small cove, that I don’t remember the name of, on Koh Phangan in Thailand. And of course Fusion festival in Germany.

What’s Your Favourite And Current Gear To Play On?
My favorite is vinyl records on Technics 1210 but nowadays I play on Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller with rekordbox program and I really like it.

So What Are The Future Music Plans For Mr. Clifford?
To be honest, my hope is to get some good bookings for the summer, so I can play some wonderful tunes for the people that all the amazing producers keep getting out there.

Presenting End The Beginning

Finally, we get to the set itself. Usually, I rant on or try to be witty, but this time around, especially when Mr. Clifford is already warmed up. I figured he could continue and end this presentation as smoothly as he has done above. In so doing, by sharing his insights on the emotions, style, choice of tracks, labels, and artist, that went into his End The Beginning.

This set started out as I just wanted to show my type of favourite tunes, with some slow crawling tunes to get u interested. And as I got warmed up and started to visualise myself on the dance floor beside the crowd and started to feel how I would like the night to unfold, I could feel the high energy with a smile and warmness in my chest – and then I knew that was the way to go.

I was going for tunes with playful melodies, attitude, and some hard drive, but still in harmony and I feel quite pleased with the result. 

And I just hope you will feel happiness and strength when my story carries you away through the night. I want to play the music that keeps you on your feet, always with drive and melodies, it doesn’t have to be high bpm for making people move. 

In this set I have used some of my favourite artists and labels such as Eemus on Joof Recordings, Solee on Parquet Records, Jossie Tech and Kleiman on Digital Structures, Colyn on Afterlife Recordings, these are just to mention a few.

We thank Mr. Clifford for that emotive description of his set and his thought process behind it. So, with no further ado, here is Bardo #15 of our 420µHz podcast – End The Beginning  

…and as always remember to relax, smile, and rewind your VHS tapes before returning them to your movie rental store.

A special thanks go out to Gardener for delivering the graphic art for this 420µHz episode.

Reaching out to the artist

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