Dungeon Master of Arborealis Records brings together this fresh label’s tunes into an exclusive set for Bardo #3 of our podcast 420µHz, called Arboreal Arts Vol. 1.

Art work for the Arboreal Arts Volume 1 compilation

Before jumping to the listening of this episode’s DJ set, which will take you from 150 to 170 bpm, we would first need a proper introduction of Dungeon Master and Arborealis Records.

According to their website, they are a collective of underground talents from Cape Town, South Africa, who focus on the experimental side of psytrance, Hi-Tech, Forest, and Full On. Which is something, that is right up there with our taste as well.

As for the DJ behind this episode, he would like to say that “A Dungeon Master’s purpose is to guide the adventurer on a great journey, and so in this spirit this Dungeon Master will attempt to convey the happenings of grand and cosmic events taking place on the dancefloor…”

Trippy Artists We Like

Bardo #3 – Arboreal Arts Vol. 1, is how Dungeon Master and the good guys of Arborealis Records are showcasing their passion to the world. This set is based on the tracks put together on the compilation called Arboreal Arts Volume 1. Through this exclusive episode of the 420µHz podcast, we get to know more of the good sounds from the southern hemisphere of the darker psy globe.

Finally, before we get to the set itself and for you who are well aquainted with the psy-scene. There has to be a mention that these tracks have been mastered by no one less than Tersius, who is associated with Our Minds Music, Pralayah Records and Zenon Records. So with no further delay here is Bardo #3 of our podcast 420µHzArboreal Arts Vol. 1.


If you can’t get enough of this episode, then check out the full track-list below and also visit the profiles of the featured artists to show some love and support.

1. Interloper – Heart Of The Swamp (150)

2. Aliam – Spirit Parade (150)

3. Anomaly – Gin And Sonic (154)

4. L-55 – Slangkop (156)

5. Voidwalker – Coffee (160)

6. Dungeon Master – Artemisia (160)

7. WTPsy – Baberaham Lincoln (170)

For bookings and contacting Dungeon Master, he can be reached through:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dungeonmasterpsy

Bandcamp: https://arborealisrecsmusic.bandcamp.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dungeonmaster_psy/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dungeon-Master-Psy-107658557604754

Web: https://arborealisrecords.wixsite.com/music

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqCT0YsyYnx5ZLrJJdnYsw

The featured artist from this episode’s tracks can be reached on the following links:

L55: soundcloud.com/l55Psy

WTPsy: soundcloud.com/WTPsy

Anomaly: soundcloud.com/anomalypsytrance, www.instagram.com/anomalypsytrance/

Aliam: soundcloud.com/aliamthealien

Interloper (Visionary Shamanics/Patronus Recs.): soundcloud.com/interloper-psy

Voidwalker (Mythical Experience Recs.): soundcloud.com/user-426169025

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